About Us

About Us KAVR

Helping businesses in their tech expedition.

KAVR was founded with a vision to help people achieve their business’s highest potential with tech and business intelligence.

KAVR is a team or quintessentially a culture of people who are passionate and excited about software development and the wide possibilities it brings.

KAVR workforce has experience spanning across industries with a blend of emerging as well as proven technologies. We capitalize on our experience, exposure to multi-cultural environment, deep understanding of industry-specific needs and processes.

Who we are ?

We consider a total coming is the way to progress. KAVR was incepted with an abrogating obligation to convey quality IT Services to satisfy their client’s remarkable goals. We have made history in the field of web advertising and our administrations incorporate Website Designing, Web Development, Web Hosting, Mobile Apps improvement, SEO, Internet Marketing.

What we do

We expertize in custom software development – mobile as well as web. We deploy every competent tech to expand a software’s potential like IoT, AI, etc. In symphony with our vision, we also provide Business Intelligence services since data-informed decisions are a key factor in the growth of a business.

KAVR is always at the leading edge of driving innovation in the offshore/onsite development industry by providing a multitude of quality and reliable solutions and services at competitive cost. Our specialty lies at adding value to our services through short time to market capability, high quality, and technologically innovative processes.

Why Choose Us

Why KAVR Software Technologies


Automation Testing

An 'Automation Engineer' uses tools and scripts to test your product over and above the QA team to ensure highest reliability.


Research Driven

We are always looking out for the newest advancements in tech for better scalability, efficiency and performance. The latest example being our switch to Elixir from Node.js.


Maintenance And Support

We ensure that your product stays functional always with our established set up and support that you can rely on.


Individual tech stack

We choose tech stack most optimal for your product needs. Runtimes that are scalable, fast and particularly suitable for your requirements are picked for your product.